Biography of Assistant Prof. Noor Ahmad Akhundzadah (Ph.D.) Dean of Faculty of Environment at University of Kabul


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Noor Ahmad Akhundzadah (Ph.D.) was born in 1978 in Baraki-Barak district of Logar province. He completed his primary education between 1987-1991 in Abuzari Ghafari school in upper Kutobkhill located in the center of Logar province. He completed his secondary and high school between 1992-1995 at Ghazi Aminullah High school in Baraki-Barak district of the Logar Province. Finally, he completed the last year of high school in 1996 at I.R.C. Experimental Science High School in Peshawar. In 1999 he has enrolled in Geology department at Kabul University and graduated in 2002. In 2003, he traveled to Tokyo of Japan to pursue his graduate studies. In April 2004 he enrolled in Department of International Environmental and Agricultural Sciences, Graduate School of Agriculture at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), and he graduated in April 2006. Consequently, in 2006 he enrolled in the Ph.D. course in United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and he has completed the course in September 2009. He accomplished one-year (2009-2010) Post-doctoral research studies in the same department where he has performed his Ph.D. studies.

From 2010-2012, Assistant Prof. Noor Ahmad Akhundzadah has worked as Eng. in CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd. Located in Tokyo of Japan. In this job, he involved in water resources investigations and urban water supply projects implemented in Ulaanbaatar city (Mongolia) and Kabul New City.

At the end of 2012, he has returned back to the country and joined the Environmental Protection and Disaster Management department of Geosciences Faculty at Kabul University. In the same year, the Faculty of Environment was established in Kabul University framework and the above-mentioned department was merged with the newly established faculty. Simultaneously, Assistant Prof. Noor Ahmad Akhundzadah was assigned as Dean of this faculty.

He is member of different boards and committees in Kabul University, such as University Academic Council, Academic staff Promotion committees, Academic staff recruitment, University Scientific Journal Editorial Boards. Also, he has a membership in the number of technical committees in the National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) and the Ministry of Energy and Water (MEW).

Assistant Prof. Noor Ahmad Akhundzadah worked as a part-time consultant with World Bank, United Nation Environment Program (UNEP) and MEW. In the meantime, he attended as a resource person in different national and international conferences and training workshops. Also, he leads the number of national training workshops. He conducted some researches in climate changes studies, water resources investigation, applied hydrology, and environmental geology and published some scientific papers in national and international journals.

He is native of Pashto and Dari and has excellent in the English language and good in the Japanese language as well.