Message from the Faculty Dean

Welcome to the faculty of biology!

The faculty of biology established in 1995 is one of the youngest faculties of Kabul University, and it is the only dedicated faculty in the country that offers Bachelor degree program through its two departments (Zoology and Botany). The third department (Biotechnology) will be established soon.

The faculty of biology is seeking to teach the fundamental principles of biological science including anatomy, physiology, morphology, diversity, functions and evolution of animals and plants, thus providing the scientific basis for our knowledge regarding the life style, diseases and their curative measures.

The faculty of biology is providing quality education and equips students with academic knowledge and necessary expertise required to positively contribute to the society as teachers, lecturers, scientists, administrators and entrepreneurs.

The annual intake of the faculty of biology is around /….                           

 The faculty is trying to increase its intake in the future.

Despite of all restrictions, lack of facilities and equipment, I am relatively satisfied with the development and achievements of the faculty over the past two years. However, we need to build on our achievements and double our efforts for greater achievements/successes.

I have no doubt that we will collectively achieve our academic targets set for the faculty of biology in near future