The current biology faculty was established in the Kabul University in 1321 as a department of Science at the Kabul University, and the concept of the Faculty of Natural Sciences when it came about that the shortage of professors in view of the increasing number of students in secondary schools, on the one hand, and the lack of specialists in the field Different natural sciences have been considered for the development and relative development of industries on the other. Therefore, this faculty was established in order to meet these needs as the third Faculty of Science in Kabul, Faculty of Science, later called the Natural Sciences Faculty.

The first group of students included 21 science faculty, who began studying mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. Specialists from various natural sciences who were involved in work projects at that time, or in senior offices of government departments and offices, were encouraged to accept teaching duties in this faculty, in order to cooperate with the faculty to initiate their work.  
Students at that time were studying in the branches (Chemistry and biology) and (mathematics and physics). In the year 1969, the curriculum of the faculty was changed, and the curriculum created the reform and the curriculum became more specific, and created separate departments in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics.
During the Civil War in Kabul, all departments and laboratories of the Faculty of Science were completely destroyed; however, it was reinstated by the work of the chair of the Faculty of Science and with the cooperation of the leadership of the University, the Ministry of Higher Education and with the financial assistance of the World Bank to repair the Department of Biology. And a number of laboratories have been prepared to do the same for the relevant students, but they are not fully equipped with chemical and biological materials. To complete it, the faculty leadership will work on a comprehensive basis.
The biology faculty as an independent faculty in 2014, based on the suggestion of the previous Science Faculty and the approval of the Directorate for the Integration of Academic Affairs and the Council of Leadership of the Ministry and the appointment of the Presidency of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, has developed into a faculty level in terms of completion of physical and academic conditions, and since 1395 It was officially established as an independent faculty. The faculty currently has two departments of botany and zoology. It is planned to create a biotechnology department in the future.