Current situation

The Biology Faculty is one of the major scientific and educational centers in the framework of other faculties of science at Kabul University, which is specialized in the training of specialists and biology scientists to meet the needs of higher education and industrial institutes in the country.

The curriculum of this Faculty is in accordance with the Faculty of zoology and Botany Faculty of Delhi, India, which was organized by the Indian Professors in the Biology Faculty in 2008. Thus, considering the biology of the world's standard universities, they have been developed.

The biology faculty has established significant advances in academic, scientific and professional fields. Over the course of four decades, the advancement of these advancements has left behind many challenges. After the start of the new phase in 2002, efforts were made to restore the destruction of war time with the aim of dynamism and enhancement of the curriculum of the biology faculty. In the relationship, the leadership of the faculty and professors tried to replace the new curriculum content with the previous curriculum, and then review it once again, and the shortcomings that we encountered during the implementation phase and not in line with today's demands, to raise the knowledge of the students of this faculty based on the goals of today is to develop and adapt to the expectations of the national and international standards.

Biology faculty has 6 laboratories (Laboratory of Entomology, Laboratory of Parasitology, Laboratory Genetic, Laboratory of Animal physiology, Laboratory of Plant Physiology and Systematic Plant Laboratory) which is practicable and adaptive in these laboratories. Similarly, Faculty of Biology has a library which has 2000 books. Currently lecturer and students using them.

    As a result of reenactment efforts by the faculty leadership, in order to create better education for Professors and students in the 1396th year IT laboratory of the faculty was established with the necessary technical facilities and started its activities.