Biography of Professor Eng. Mohammad Shafi Sharifi Dean of Information and Communication Technology Institute

        Respected, Mohammad Shafi was recruited in 1370 Hijri in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department of the scientific staff of the Engineering Faculty of Kabul University. He successfully completed his undergraduate program in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Electronics Department, Faculty of Engineering, Kabul University and also he obtained his master degree from Ohio University, United States of America.

He also served as Deputy of Engineering Faculty between 1374 to 1376. He joined the  KU and began to teach courses such as Fundamentals of Engineering, MATH I, MATH II, AMTH III, MATH IV, electrical physics, Circuit Analysis I and II, Signal System, Power System I, Power System II, Energy Conversion, Senior Project Design, Electrical lab, and also he has taught Project Management.
         He continued to work as an advisor in a number of international organizations such as – Med-Air Afghanistan, Cure International, and the United Infrastructure Projects. He is also member of Technical Committee on Electrical Standards Department and Afghan National Norm (ANSA) and the creation of Renewable Energy in South Asia (South Asia Renewable Initiatives-SARI / Energy). In addition he has authored more than 15 scholarly articles conditioning four books, textbooks and also assisting the school.

       He has been invited and participated in more than 50 national, regional and international conferences and in most of them he had presented scientific papers. Mohammad Shafi was appointment as Director of Information and Communications Technology Institute since July 2011.