Existence of laboratories to achievement of practical and applicable works along to theory works in the educational institute especially in the higher education in science field is necessary. This institute became able to establish and activate following laboratories.

The institute library:  the ICT Institute has medium library that managed by an experienced librarian. It has more than 2000 books from different field which is available for students, teachers and staff of the institute. In addition the institute became able to get memberships of access to research for development and innovation.

  • Electronic Laboratories
  • Analog and Digital Lab
  • CAD/CAM Lab
  • Power energy Lab 
  • Communication laboratories:
  • Radio propagation and antenna lab
  • Fiber Optic lab
  • Wireless lab
  • Communication lab
  • Digital telephone and IPBX lab
  • IT laboratories:
  • IT-1
  • IT-2
  • IT-3
  • Language lab
  • Cisco Academy lab

The institute also became able create a digital library which has books, video lectures, electronic articles and scientific magazine.