We are in the age of communication and information, the age that everything we imagine is available, which was impossible during the previous decades, but now having access to best and creating the best is available and possible . All of these are due to the advances in science, technologies, and mathematic and human virtue foundations.    

       Positive development is not possible without challenges that most of them are unbounded. In fact, solving of the problems which human society is facing with, and takes hundreds victims in every minute, is impossible without the education role.  

       Education has national priority in Islamic republic of Afghanistan; this issue creates high quality education. Due to that research, it needs that education institute be strong, powerful, firm, encourage and creative. This eagerness can create permanent knowledge on students so we create the ICT institute to realize these aims, to realize them we had tried to use all resource which was available inside and outside of the country.

        In 2007, the Telecommunication Training Center (ATC) upgraded from semi-higher education institute to a higher education one and formed Information and communication technology Institute (ICTI) with offering bachelor degree however it has long history that return to 1964.

       In 1964 Telecommunication Training Center was created by previous Ministry of Communication with cooperation and support from International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and vocational education president of education ministry in order to complete technical staff and expertise in the area of telegraph and telephone, afterward in 1975 it has upgraded from a high technical school (12 years program) to an associate program (14 years course). From Telecommunication Training Center graduated over 1200 students from various departments in the level of 12 years and 14 years.

       Finally, in 2007 the ICTI born from Telecommunication Training Center as a public higher educational institution.

Information and Communication Technology Institute (ICTI) has been successful to graduate three terms of engineers for society. In the first term 34 students and in the second term 62 students and recently 49 were graduated.

       Academic activities of the Institute are concluded in five departments: Science Department, Electronics, Language, Communication Department and Department of Information Technology (IT). The first three departments act as the department of pivotal and supportive and the later two departments act as the department of the professional and core expertise.  This institute has 265 students now that are taught by 20 lecturers. It is worth mentioning that the institute has equipped laboratories like Analog and Digital Laboratory, Micro Controller and Micro Processor, Energy System, Laboratory of Optic Cable, Communication Laboratory, Wireless Laboratory, Switching and PBAX Laboratory, Cable Laboratory, Language Laboratory, and IT Laboratory which provide practical and comparative work along the theoretical courses. This institute has 24hrs high speed internet access and also a library that can be enumerating a good source of academic.