Biography of Professor Dr. Syed Shir Shah Sadaat, Dean of Veterinary Science Faculty at Kabul University

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Professor Dr. Syed Shir Shah Sadaat is born in 1961 in the district of Kolangar, Logar province.



Educational, Training and Credentials

  • Primary and secondary school at Kolangar high school in Logar province (1967-1973),
  • High school at Ghazi high school  (1973-1979) in Kabul capital,
  • DVM, 1985 general veterinary science, Faculty of Veterinary Science Kabul University, Kabul, Afghanistan  
  • PhD, 2008 in clinical pharmacology, Tokyo University of Agriculture and technology (Gifu /TUAT), Tokyo, Japan
  • Certificate in Japanese intensive language training in 2003, TUAT, Tokyo, Japan
  • Three months training in scientific writing English workshop organized by  Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in 2005, Tokyo, Japan
  • Attended training in human war surgical procedures organized by ICRC in 1988, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Attended a month study tour in the field of animal health and livestock production in the United kingdom in 1995, South Multon, England
  • Attended two months training in participatory appraisal method, organized by FAO Afghanistan programme in 1997 and 1998, Peshawar,  Pakistan 
  • A month training in project management organized by UNDP/UNOCHA programme in 2001,  Kabul, Afghanistan  
  • Attended two weeks training in Food Nutrition Security in Afghanistan-Assessments and intervention Strategies, organized by Gtz in 2002, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Attended training in wild life conservation IUCN red list in 2009, New Delhi, India
  • Attended a four-month Faculty Exchange program as a visiting professor, during which gained a thorough understanding of US. Agricultural Science, Research methodologies, and Higher Education in order to improve the Agricultural education of students and adults in Afghanistan from January 9-May 05, 2010
  • Attended many workshops on strategic plan of Ministry of Higher education at the MoHE in 2010 and 2011-2015
  • Attend Instructional Center of Excellence in Purdue University, Indiana, USA, 2010
  • Attended English Training from 08 January 2010 to 05 May 2010 In International center West Lafayette Indiana USA
  • Attended workshop on the role of Universities in supporting Agriculture in Rural communities of Indiana and Afghanistan: An Exchange of Models, Ideas, and Perspectives 22 April 2010
  • Attended Veterinary Association Conference In Indian 2010
  • Attended 5th Islamic Conference of Ministries of Higher Education And Scientific Research (5th ICMHESR) held at Kuala Lumpur 19th-21st October 2010 in Malaysia  
  • Attended 15 General Assembly of Comstech Conference held in Islamabad of Pakistan in 2011
  • Attended 8 workshops on international academic Leadership organized by British Council.  
  •  Attended Asia-Pacific Quality Assurance International Conference.



Professor Dr. Sadaat is an academic professional, DVM, PhD, in clinical pharmacology.


Academic Background: He has joined academic staff of Kabul University in 1988. He has actively participated in different academic and administrative activities of Kabul University, including preparation of lectures, lecture notes, laboratory activities, training and practices with students. In position of head of clinic department for 8 years, preparing teaching and training plan. Member of Kabul University strategic plan, member of Center of Excellence in Quality Assurance, Responsible for Partner in academic leadership program (PAL) at Kabul University, Member of Faculty Academic Senate (FAS), peer review of scientific articles at Kabul University. Member of drug committee at the Ministry of Public Health. Member of drug committee at the Ministry of Agriculture. Review and commented on Ministry of Higher Education (MohE) Strategic Plan. Prepared strategic plan of Quality Assurance Directorate (QAAD). Participated in the preparation of teaching Improvement policy many other important documents and guidelines for Higher Education System (HES) in Afghanistan. He has published more than 16 scientific articles in national and international Journals and translated a scientific textbook in Dari language. Working on a research project in academic areas in Higher Education System in Afghanistan. Director of Quality Assurance and Accreditation at MohE. Chairman of Quality Assurance and Accreditation Board. Attend 8 sessions of academic partnership and quality assurance training organized by British council held in United Emirate of Arabic and India. He also worked as a director of foreign and scholarship for a period of three years. At the present he is dean of the Faculty of Veterinary science at Kabul University.




Professor Dr. Syed Sher Shah Sadaat publication list:


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  7. Effect of Several Pyrethroids on Hepatic Cytochrome P450 Activities in Rats. Journal of Veterinary Medicine, 72 (4): 425-433, 2010.
  8. Doctoral thesis