Department of Chemistry

View of the chemistry department building

Prior to the foundation of the department, its laboratories were located in the directorate of public services. Their activity was in analyzing minerals and construction materials with assistance of afghan and foreigner personal. After the foundation of the faculty of science, these laboratories were moved to the new faculty building. Lab activities were centered in the department building located in the city center (pole bagh omomy). In 1944 chemical qualitative analytical laboratory, in 1945 chemical quantitative analytical laboratory were added to the existing laboratory. The physical chemistry laboratory was established in 1961. The main aim of the establishment of this department was to educate scientific and educational cadre for higher education institution and specialist needed for industrial sector in the country.

The department has six educational and research laboratories:

1. Inorganic chemistry lab.

2. Qualitative analytical lab.

3. Quantitative analytical lab.

4. Organic chemistry lab.

 5. Physical chemistry lab.

6. Chemical technology lab.

In addition the department has four research laboratories, one library with new literature and one reading room.

View of the library of faculty of science

      Department members: