Department of biology

The department was established from the twin section (chemistry/biology) in 1969 as independent department with its own educational program. Prior to that its educational program was managed by the faculty of medicine. Professors of this department in collaboration with foreign scientist accomplished research in zoology for the first time in the country. They played a major role in creation of animal and plant museum of the faculty. The main aim of the establishment of this department was to educate scientific and educational cadre for higher education institution and governmental institutions.  Specific goals of the department are:

1. Education of professional lecturer for high school and teachers educational centers.

2. Education of laboratory technician in the field of cytology, microbiology, histology and molecular biology.

3. Education of environmental protection personals.

4. Education of wild life and plant protection personals.

5. Education of scientific and educational cadre for higher education institutions.

The department has six laboratories:             

General zoology lab, general plant lab, physiology lab, biosciences lab, anatomy lab and a research lab in addition the department has a library and a herbarium, which collects examples of country’s rear plants.