Biography of Pohand Dr. Mohammad Arif Taniwal Dean Of the faculty of Science

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Dr. Mohammad Arif Taniwal is born in 1950, in a religious family of the ancient Village of Shamal in the province of Khost. He accomplished his Bachelor degree in 1972 at the faculty of science in the department of Chemistry. In 1983 he obtained the Master degree in inorganic chemistry from Ukraine. In 1993 He obtained his PhD degree from Kazakhstan. In 2007 he is promoted to the Pohand degree at the department of chemistry, faculty of science. He wrote more than 23 scientific papers in inorganic chemistry.

During his service in addition to teaching and research, he has served in improving  scientific affairs for more than eight years as president of the Faculty of Science . And he worked as delegation of Kabul University in employment and promotion Committee at Ministry of higher Education and achieved appreciation letter from Ministry of Higher education. He is as head of chemistry department from 1386 up to now.