The Faculty of Geoscience had been established in Hamal 1359 (March 1980). It covered the Geology, Geography and Meteorology Departments. In 1361 (1982) the Department of Hydrology has been added and in 1375 (1996) it has been combined with the Meteorology Department to the Hydrometeorology Department. In 1387 (2008) the Departments of Environment Protection and Disaster Management has been established at the Faculty of Geoscience and in 1391 (2013) upgraded to an own faculty.

The Department of Geography has been established in 1330 (1951) together with the branch of History at Kabul University. Due to the development of Geography and its growing importance, the Department of Geography has been separated from the faculty of Literature and Human Science. The aim of the Geography Department was to train the young geographers as teachers. Later, the need for geographical knowledge and the demand for research have grown especially for different ministries and organizations working in spatial-related fields.

At the beginning, the Department of Geography had a partnership with the University of Nebraska and then by bringing changes in academic curriculum the partnership was signed with Germany since 1359. After a break due to the war, since 2001 the close relationship with German universities is still going on.

The Department of Geology has been established in 1334 (1955) with the support of Afghan and German experts in order to educate geologist. Since it’s establishment the Department of Geology has an academic and technical cooperation with the Geology Department of Bonn University. According to the development plan of Kabul University and the specialization in different academic fields in 1359 (1980), the Department of Geology has been integrated with  the Faculty of Geoscience.

The Department of Meteorology has been established in 1342 (1963) and in 1359 (1980) transferred from the Faculty of Natural Science to the Faculty of Geoscience. In 1361 (1982) the Department of Hydrology has been established and integrated with the Department of Meteorology in 1375 (1996). The new established Department of Hydrometeorology focused its academic activities on the education of Meteorologist and Hydrologist for the different sections of the national economy of country.