Biography of Geosciences’ Faculty Dean,AlhaajProfessor Abdul Ghias Safi - Kabul University

Biography of Geosciences’ Faculty Dean,AlhaajProfessor Abdul Ghias Safi



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He was born in 1962at Badil village, Nairang district of Kunar province. He completed his elementary education in Nairang Elementary School in Kunar in 1968, and he has completed his intermediate andsecondary education in Nangharhaar High School inNangharhaar in 1980.

In 1981, he started his higher education at Faculty of Geosciences of Kabul University. In the first semester of his study in 1981 he has nominated for scholarship to study in the field of meteorologyto the University of Hydrometeorology of Odessa, republic of Ukraine.In1987 he graduated from the mentioned University.

After completion of M.Sc. he joined as a faculty lecturer in the Department of Hydrometeorology, Faculty of Geoscience at Kabul University.

During his employment period, in addition to teaching, research and educational activities he has had the following responsibilities:

From 1989 to date as a teacher in Hydrometeorology Department

From 2003 to date working as Head of Hydrometeorology Department

From 2006 to 2013 Vice Dean of Geo-Science Faculty

From 2013 to date working as Head of Kabul University research center.

He attended in conferences, workshops and seminars in many countries of the world such as Germany, China, Russian, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Azerbyejan, Moldavia and Saudi Arabia.

In addition, he has received appreciation letters from the governmental office andnongovernmental offices.

During his working he has more than 22 scientific worksincluding research papers, books and syllabus.