Geoscience Faculty’s General Educational Objectives


Geoscientists are experts in environment-related topics. Their knowledge about processes of environment-people relationships is an urgent need for the development of our country. They are able to understand the system of earth and nature and the conflicting concerns with the population. Geoscientists can provide knowledge for the assessment of natural resources, access to their facilities, climate change, disaster management, urban and regional development, environmental protection, population growth and migration etc. To fulfill the needs the Faculty of Geoscience is regularly working on the improvement of the curriculum and has developed to a leading academic organization at the national level. The main objectives are:   

  • Tender of Geologist, Geographers and Hydro meteorologists as experts for the further development of our country.
  • Playing an active role at the section of natural resources sector.
  • Providing quantitative and qualitative data, maps and analyzes according to an scientific

Standard for the Afghan society.

  • To consummate the professional affairs of Governmental administrations and natural resources of the country by graduates of Geoscience faculty.
  • Active partnership of geoscience graduates for the expansion and survey of total resources in our country.