Hydrometeorology Department

At the first time Hydrometeorology Department established under Natural Since rule of Kabul University in1339. During 20 years till 1359 the students graduated as Meteorologists. This department once again reestablished under Geosciences faculty rule in 1359. After one year when engineering faculty run out the work, Its Hydrology department joined with the meteorology department of Geosciences in 1360, and it was named Hydrometeorology.

The graduated students of hydrometeorology can work in the ministries of:

  1. Water and Power and energy
  2. Agriculture
  3. Transport
  4. Economy
  5. Defiance
  6. Mines and petroleum 
  7. Environments
  8. Civil Aviation
  9.  Education 
  10. Foreign affair
  11. Interior
  12. Municipality

And also they can work in other nongovernmental organizations.

Research and development aims extend the relationship with the other organizations.