Geology Department


Geology department was established in 1955 in faculty of Science. After developing policy of Ministry of Higher Education, this ministry established new faculty by the name of Geosciences in 1980 and department of geology was shifted from faculty of Science to the faculty of geosciences in 1982. After establishing of Geosciences faculty in 1980 all professors tried to had a good department. They renewed the old curriculum and added new subjects based on requirements. Now, 11 professors and 2 technicians currently work in department.  They attempt to use the new teaching system. 

Goal and mission

Department of geology was established for training student for purpose of field geologist which they play key role for using of natural resource of our country. The Department of is strongly committed to the integration of high-quality teaching to recognizing and responding to the continuing evolution of Geology as an interdisciplinary science, and to promoting awareness of the role that Geology plays in modern society. In this context, the Department’s mission is to provide productive and innovative education in an engaged scholarly geology for geology students at the undergraduate level, to enrich the broader learning community through a selection of contemporary foundation and elective courses and other activities that address the relationships between society and the natural resources; to promote the professional development and research activities of faculty, staff, and students; and to foster the intellectual and professional growth of the discipline.