Mariam Sajood

Mariam Sajood

Education: BSc



Academic Degree: Pohyalai

Place of Birth: Kabul province

Date of Birth:1991

academic research paper:

  • An academic research paper entitled(Precipitation regime in Kabul Air Porte station), Kabul University,2014.
  • An academic research paper entitled(Climate change and its effect on environment), Kabul University,2014.
  • An academic  research paper entitled ( study of Flood in in Kabul river basin), Kabul University,2012.


  • An academic research paper entitled (study case of drought in Afghanistan) Kabul University, 2011.
  • An academic research paper entitled( Impacts of climate change on hydrological regime in Afghanistan ), Sharda University, Delhi, India  2012.


Email :

Phone  : 0039789065116