Sediqullah Reshteen

Sediqullah Reshteen

Education: MS



Academic Degree: Pohanmal

Place of Birth: Logar province

Date of Birth:1984



Associate teaching professor in Hydrometeorology department of Geoscience Faculty.

Academic papers and publications:

  • Climate change impact on Afghanistan water resources
  • Impact of climate change on water variability and on livelihood of the people.
  • Hydrological regime in Tangi-e-Gharo, Shukhi and Dakah stations
  • Dams and sustainable water resources management
  • Water resources management in Afghanistan
  • Kabul river basin overviews
  • Drainage effect on environment
  • Flow measurement method in Afghanistan
  • Precipitation regime in Maidan Haway station
  • Water crisis in Afghanistan
  • Water resources management and climate change
  • Water scarcity in Afghanistan


Email :

Phone  : 0093708031301