Naim Eqrar


Naim Eqrar

Education: MS.C



Place of Birth: Kabul Province

Date of Birth: 1953


  • Water resources of Afghanistan, climate change impact and it's future challenge
  • Main Existing Natural Hazardous of Afghanistan
  • Flooding impact in Afghanistan
  • Existing situation of       groundwater quantity and   quality of Kabul city
  • Climate change impact on groundwater resources of Afghanistan
  • History of hydro geological surveys  in Afghanistan in the past.
  • Glacier ice of Afghanistan
  • Water contamination of Kabul city
  •  Data management. expertise and capacities in water line ministries

National & International Publications:

  • Trans-boundary water resources of Afghanistan ,climate change and land implication-2017(Chapter four)
  • Author of Third Human Development Report -2011 , second chapter for CPHD (Center Policy for Human Development of UNDP)
  • Groundwater Investigation of South Western Part of Afghanistan- 1980
  • Hydrogeology of Kabul Basin (Afghanistan), Part2 Groundwater Geochemistry (Hydrogeology Journal (International Association of Hydrogeology  Germany, 2009)
  • Cause of Groundwater contamination of Kabul City (European Commission Project Nr. 147-063)



Presentation in workshops & Conferences:

  • International workshop on consulting meeting in Kathmandu-Nepal-2017
  • International Mining congress in Tehran/Iran -2017
  • International Visitors Leadership Program on Water Data Management (IVLP) in USA-June-2015
  • International workshop: on Biodiversity and Climate change in Kushiro - Japan 2008
  • International conference of water resources in Arid region in China
  • International conference on glacial deposit of Indus basin, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • International conference on cross-boundary water with central Asian countries in EU Parliamentarian network, Brussels /Belgium
  • International conference on water resources /Water Resources of Afghanistan - China July 2007
  • International Symposium: on Coupling sustainable Sanitation and Groundwater

Protection in Hannover, Germany 2010

  • International conference on Trans boundary water of Amu river basin in east west institute  Brussels, European Parliamentary house, December 2010/Water Resources of Afghanistan and its climate shocks
  • International conference on Cryspher and its climate challenge of water resources of Afghanistan – Kathmandu Nepal  (ICIMOD) May 2012
  •   International conference on glacial deposit of Indus basin, Kathmandu – Nepal,  June 2010
  • Hydrochemistry of Kabul basin and cause of water contamination – University of Bonn
  • Water day ,current water resources status of Afghanistan-2017 Kabul
  • Comparison of historic and recent hydrogeological investigation of Afghanistan, Kabul university.2017
  • Groundwater resource in sedimentary rock  of Afghanistan, Kabul University,2017
  • Environmental Hydrogeology of Kabul Basin – Kabul University
  • International  conference SAARK countries ,Water resources of Afghanistan and drought effect on south western part of Afghanistan –/Kabul
  • Groundwater resources in Kabul basin (KABUL WATER CONFERENCE AND WORK SHOP), Organized by: BGR, GIZ, KFW, Ded, MM, MEW in Continental Hotel,2006, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Global warming and its effect on water resources of Afghanistan, Ministry of Water and Power 2010


-Supreme Council of Water and Land of Afghanistan (SCWL) (2016-2017)

- Fourth National Human development of Afghanistan, UNDP 2016-2017

-Third human development report of Afghanistan, UNDP 2008-2011

-Research Committee of Ministry of Higher Education (2012 – 2013)

-Climate Change Committee of UNDP (2012 – Onward) Kabul

-Amu Darya  River Basin Network East/West Institute, Brussels Belgium (2011-2013)

-National Hydrological Committee of Afghanistan (NHCA) – (2007-2017)

-Technical Sanitation Water Group of Kabul, MRRD (2007-2017) ,Kabul

-IAH (International Association of Hydrogeology) (2007-2017)

-NORPLAN company , Norway (2012 -2015)


Email  :

Phone  :  0700285942