Shekeb shamal

Shekeb shamal

Education: MS



Academic Degree: Pohanmal

Place of Birth: Kabul province

Date of Birth:1973



Head of department, member academic session of faculty


Academic papers:

  • Earthquake assessment in Afghanistan
  • Assessment of potable water in Kandahar city
  • Geological structure of Shir darwaza serie and Stabilization of Gneisses first nature
  • Microfossils (Text book)
  • Evolution of Fishes
  • Mechanical characteristic of Marble (Chisht-e-sharif mine Herat)
  • Stabilization of first nature of Shir darwaza Shir darwaza Gneisses by Accessory minerals and XRF method
  • Determination of economic value of Logar chromites


Email :

Phone  :  0093781905185