Walid Ahmad Noori

Walid Ahmad Noori

Education: MS



Academic Degree: Pohanmal

Place of Birth: Wardak province

Date of Birth:1973



  • In charge of Geography Department.
  • Member of quality assurance committee at Kabul University.


Published academic articles:

  • Challenges of Traffic Development in Kabul City  (سایت انترنتی پوهنتون گیسن)
  • Dittmann, Andreas. Kohistani, Sardar Mohammad. Walid Ahmad Noori.
  • The New Grate Game. Erddkunde, Universitat Giessen.
  • Dittmann, Andreas. Clemens, Urgen. Ulf, Sefker. Kai, Yamaguchi. In corporation with Gulam Jailani Arez, Mohammad Zarif Taniwal, Walid Ahmad Noori, Abdul Samad Ghafori, Sima Noori. Merwais Ahmad Zai. Geographical methods in disaster preparedness. Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung (in Went), GmbH, Germany. Universityof Bonn.


Scientific Papers in Publishing:

Population Increase and Transportation Challenges in Kabul City (2010-2015).


Email : walid_noori@yahoo.com

Phone  :  0797269821