Mohammad Fawad Basharpal

Mohammad Fawad Basharpal

Education: MS



Academic Degree: Pohanyar

Place of Birth: Laghman province

Date of Birth: 1987



  • Surveying Engineer at the ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation & live Stock.
  • Surveying & topographic engineer at the ministry of frontier affairs.
  • NLO (national liaison officer) at Afghanistan atomic energy high commission (AAEHE).
  • Member of examination committee at Kabul University.


Published academic articles:

  • The intervention of USSR in Afghanistan (1979-1989). Malaysia: UKM.
  • The intervention of USSR and US in Afghanistan: The impact on geopolitics.


To be published:

  • Geopolitical structures
  • Stage of modern geopolitics



Email :

Phone  : 0788050443/0798353287