Sima Noori

Sima Noori

Education: MS



Academic Degree: Pohandoy

Place of Birth: Kabul province

Date of Birth: 1959


  • Academic member of geoscience faculty.
  • Academic member of Kabul University.
  • Member of quality assurance at the ministry of higher education.
  • Head of geography department.

Published academic article:

  • Regional Geography of America.
  • Afghanistan forestry.
  • Subways of ancient Kabul.
  • The greatest mine of gold in the world.
  • Marco polo.
  • The history of air plane.
  • Amazon’s forestry and ti’s vital value.
  • The study of Venus planet.


To be published article:

  • Economic value of pistachio of Afghanistan.
  • The importance of touristic gardens of Kbul.


Email  :

Phone  : 0799251722