Message of Dean

Engineering has a vast academic system that deals with issues ranging from basic science issues through to overall science and technology and issues spanning society as a whole. Thus, those who learn engineering become able to tackle various issues. The challenges of modern society are complex and involve many fields. For example, issues such as energy, the environment, resources, water, food and so on are entwined and have complex aspects. Examples of one control technology that causes other issues are too numerous to list. Both a strong expertise and a broad perspective are indispensable for tackling these challenges.

The Faculty of Engineering consists of diverse and varied fields such as those that lead the development and deepening of basic science, those that strengthen industry and lead innovation, as well as those that open up new multidisciplinary, cross-disciplinary, and interdisciplinary fields. We deepen individual academic disciplines and work closely with each other on various issues arising in the natural world and society.

I hope that everyone who has learned engineering will play a prominent, active role in opening up the future.

I am extremely proud of the learners, leaders, and thinkers who make up the College of Engineering. And I’m honored to be part of a team of people who aren’t just about making something happen, but making something better.

Dr. Aref Naimzad
Dean of Engineering