Faculty of Engineering Library:

Earlier in the interim government in Afghanistan, faculty of engineering has faced with the severe problems of textbooks, so the instructors of the faculty were used their hardship efforts and initiatives of their personal books for the students. With the passage of time  and the collaboration that were taken place from afghans in abroad, some of the faculty’s books were prepared and did not meet the requirements in term of quantity and variety of the textbook contents. During the contract with the Kansas University, a large number of textbooks were donated to the Faculty’s library. First to third grade students could solve their problems with the donated books, but the fourth and even third grades students were facing problems in case of scarcity of books, therefore, they used some books from photocopiers with different contexts. 

Number of reference and manual books is limited and need to be revised. Engineering journals and magazines of different countries are not being carried and used in case of, the lack of international connections and communications between other countries.

As we mentioned, faculty of engineering’s library like other parts of the faculty is required to be reviewed and evaluated in terms of quality and quantity to meet the Faculty’s students and instructors requirements in the future.