Laboratories of the Faculty of Engineering

During the contract with the University of Kansas of the united stated of America some of the civil engineering laboratories including, laboratories for soil, concrete, asphalt, computers and chemistry are partially equipped and began to work. According to the world’s aid, the material testing laboratory with the universal testing machine of this faculty is equipped and activated by the help of Japan country. Also with the help of the international organizations, equipped renewable energy laboratories were successfully established to teach the engineering students. The survey laboratory of this faculty with the limited survey facilities will solve the students’ problem.

The current laboratories of the faculty of engineering do not meet all the requirements of the faculty laboratories, because the current equipments that are already equipped are not sufficient to run all the tests and need to be completed. The large number of laboratories departments of electronics and electrical engineering, also mechanic including hydrolics and the mechanical fluid which is partially related to the civil department need to be rebuilt and equipped, physics and chemistry laboratories need for further devices.  Some subjects such as sewer and water and other subjects of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering have the lack of laboratories and should be reviewed. Lack of professional technicians in mechanical engineering, civil engineering and the electrical engineering is the concern of the departments; this defect is expected to be resolved with the cooperation of Kabul University and the Ministry of higher education.

IT Center:


Faculty of engineering consists of small center of IT and computer LAB that is equipped with 80 PCs and used in teaching of computer subjects. This computer LAB does not meet the requirements of the faculty’s students and instructors and needs to be extended in the future.

It has to be mentioned that the faculty of engineering had another computer LAB which was equipped with 40Pcs, so the LAB were set on fire two years before, the faculty’s department is looking forward for the reconstruction and rebuilt of the LAB with the needed equipments and yet the faculty did not succeeded. Faculty of engineering with the contract of Kansas University of united states under the World Bank’s contribution has acquired the video conferencing devices, but with regret that the faculty does not have the right place to install and implement the video conferencing device. Faculty of engineering department is trying to install the mentioned devices to the head’s office or any other possible place of the faculty, so the instructors and professors of the Faculty of engineering could communicate with other provinces of Afghanistan under different themes and lectures through the video conferencing device.