The Biography of Pohand Abdul Hamid “Layan”



Abdul Hamid “Layan” son of Abdul Husain, was born in 1329 in Qara Bagh district of Ghazni province. He has completed his primary school at Sultan Ibrahim School in Qara Bagh from 1337 to 1342, his intermediate school at the Ibne Sina high school from 1343 to 1345 and completed his secondary school at the Afghan Institute of Technology (AIT) high school from 1346 to 1348. He has graduated from Faculty of Engineering of Kabul University in 1354, has completed the Masters Degree at Belarus-Polytechnic from 1361 to 1362. He was hired as nominee to Pohyalai in the Faculty of Engineering in jade 1354.  

After the successful completion of nominee period in Jade 1355, he had been promoted to the academic rank of Pohyalai. After each three years he promoted to higher academic rank and in 1370 he reached to the rank of Pohanwal.

In Jadi 1371 the civil war in Kabul city intensified, Professor Layan with his family traveled to Mazar-e-Sharif City and he was repatriation assistant in UNHCR at Sakhi Camp. In Sunbule 1372 up to Saratan 1374, he has served, as the human resources manager and then as the general manager of Partners for social development (PSD) a nongovernmental organization.

In Asad 1374 to Saratan 1382, he was procurement officer in the international federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies( IFRC) and then he was Fin/Admin manager of IFRC and then in 16 Asad 1382 to Jade 1383, he was Executive Director of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission .   

In Dalwa 1383, he was re-hired as Associate Professor in the Faculty of Engineering Kabul University; In 1388 he was the head of the Mechanical Engineering department and in Sunbule 1390, he was appointed as the dean of the faculty.  Professor Layan has gotten his academic rank of pohand in Sawr 1391.

Professor Layan has translated the Project Design book from English into Dari and is also the authors of the text book of Mathematics for Geology, Introduction to Engineering, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics-I. More than 15 scientific works and researches papers of Professor Layan were published in scientific journals at Kabul University.

Professor Layan, participated in more than eight workshops and national and international conferences. He is a member of the academic council of Kabul University, member of quality assurance committee, member of the scientific research committee and member of the  curriculum committee of Kabul University.