The Biography of Dr. Mohammad Aref Naimzad



Dr. Mohammad Aref Naimzad was born in 1352 in Ghazni province.  He completed his high school in AIT. After that, he enrolled to the Engineering Faculty of Kabul University and graduated from the Faculty of Engineering of Kabul University during 1996 with a B.Sc. degree and subsequently became Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of Kabul University.

He traveled to Japan in 2003 using the Japanese government scholarship and in the summer of 2005 obtained his master degree in computer engineering from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. He received his Ph.D. degree from Tarbiat Modares University in 2014 in Mechatronics Engineering and began work at Kabul University again after returning to the country.
Dr. Naimzad has participated in 16 international scientific conferences in Germany, Singapore, China, Russia, Japan, Turkey, China and Iran.He has published 14 papers in domestic journals and 8 articles in internationally recognized scientific journals. .
He has about 10 years of experiences of Monitoring and Evaluation Expert with the UNOPS office in Kabul and the GTZ International NGO.
He is married and father of four sons.

He has the full capability to speak and write Dari, Pashtu and English languages .