Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department

As to the inception of the college of engineering in 1335, school of engineering since its inception had confronted substantial success and constraints and had left behind various organizational and academic variants. Till 1342, the college had followed a general curriculum of the engineering professional.


of the engineering professional.

After two years, the electromechanical department was split into two separate departments. The Electrical department and Mechanical Department and both adopted two separate curriculums of their own. Up to this period of splitting, the academic schedule of semesters was the only option but soon while the college was
upgraded from two departments to three departments, a credit system was adopted. the college till 1349 followed a four year under graduate 8 semester program while after 1349 its program was expanded to a five year under graduate 10 semester includig one semester practical field work requirement.The medium for communication teaching / learning language was English till 1358. All the textbooks, teaching/ learning supplementary materials were all in English or well in the 1358 in compliance with the changed government it was decided to convert the medium of communication into national languages, Dari and Pushto. In the year 1360 the government of the time decided and took a step of dissolving this college.Since inception the department of electrical and electronic department was adopted as twin department of math - electrical - electronic and physics its abbreviate stranded as MEEP Department.