The Current Situation of the Faculty of Engineering

Community Interaction

Engineering Faculty Participates in the Community Development in the direct and indirect ways.
The faculty members of this faculty are active in the committees at the faculty level, the Kabul University (various councils including the scientific committee, the leadership council, publications, academic promotion, and appointment and dismantling, quality assurance, cultural, strategic plans, and investigations committees). .
In addition, faculty members of this faculty have contributed to other activities as:
1. Participation in the Ministry of Higher Education's Seminar on the Needs Assessment of New Fields
2. Participation in Academic Promotion Committee of the Ministry of Higher Education
3. Participation in the examination committee of candidates for the provincial universities
4. Contribution to the evaluation of the academic promotion of provincial university professors
5. Participation in national and international scientific and research conferences and seminars


Total number of students

The engineering faculty at Kabul University is currently active in six departments as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, urban design and planning, civil engineering, energy engineering and architecture having 1240 students, including, including 250 girls and 990 boys.

Total number of faculty members

Faculty of Engineering has 60 academic staff member including 15 PhD holders, 30 Masters and 15 of the bachelor levels.

Total number of administrative staff
The engineering faculty at Kabul University currently has 17 administrative and technical officers, 8 workers and 4 gardens in charge of all administrative and faculty affairs.
Lab and Library
Physically, the engineering faculty has 14 classrooms, 15 professor’s offices, 3 architectural studios, 8 large rooms, 7 laboratories and 1 mechanical shop, a library equipped with 8000  text  books and manuscripts in various fields of engineering and an auditorium that holds up to 200 people in a time.

Active Committees
The engineering faculty has 10 active committees as follows:

  1. Sport Committee
  2. E-Learning Committee
  3. Discipline Committee
  4. Curriculum affairs Committee
  5. Strategic Plan Committee
  6. Cultural Committee
  7. Master Program Committee
  8. IT Committee
  9. Examination & Timetable Committee
  10. Database committee

They have the meetings once a month and the members are the faculty academic staffs.


Department of Civil Engineering

Department of Architecture

Department of Urban Development and Planning Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Department of Energy Engineering


Every department has a head which selected by all department staffs using free election.