The basic and principle aim of the Computer Science faculty is to train academic and professionals in the field of computer software productions, engineering, management and computer networks, information security and management of info systems. Therefore the learning objectives of this faculty are summarized as below:

  • Understanding of principles and professionalism in different aspects of computer knowledge and enabling of graduates of this field with practicing of these theories by use the  of equipment and effective techniques  for diagnosing and designing, performing and securing of difference parts of computer systems.
  • Developing the capability of analyzing and evaluation of the issues and finding their solutions on time along with communication skills in verbal and written manner. Graduates will also be able to develop ability of working in a group and individual projects for designing of different computer systems and information technology.
  • Acquiring professionalism, learning for taking responsibilities, specialization, legal and social ethics, while using computer and different computer systems in order to prevent damages which originates out of it, creation of share coordination in different parts of human society, and understanding of technology as an object not equipment. And delivering of technology and computer systems for public use.

Teaching pathways:

This faculty is using different teaching pathways in order to convey knowledge and achieve updates in this field. Teaching of these subjects is being done theoretically and practically according to the curriculum.  For better teaching, thelecturers are using power point slides. Besides that for upgrading of knowledge students benefit from lecture notes, standard books, Internet, library and digital resources.   Further more for acquiring necessary skills and abilities students are using faculty’s lab which is connected to the internet under supervision of assigned lecturers for resolving scientific problems, getting updated information about latest achievements and conferences in the field of computer sciences. In each semester students are being sent to different organizations as part of building their practical skills based on their acquired knowledge. This pathway of teachingnot only enable students to evaluate their acquired knowledge, but also understand the current market trends and development in the field of information technology which will help them develop their professional career and getting  computer science related jobs.