Libraries and laboratories

This faculty has a dedicated library having 2000 books on 70 different topics. It has a reading/study room  with sufficient space, access to digital libraries, online testing center (Microsoft  and ICDL), 4 Computer labs (Cisco, Software Engineering, Research, Information system) each having 50 computers and other modern equipment.

A new Computer lab has just been setup with 100 Computers, Conference Room, large LCD displays which will be used for the capacity building programs of not only the Faculty of Computer Science students but academic members of other Afghanistan universities and government offices on specialized trainings.

This faculty has 3 undergraduate departments namely Information Technology, Information System and Software Engineering. There is also one more department named Computer Science. This department does not graduate students yet.

Number of Professional cadres in this faculty are 25 of which 19 academic members are holing M.Sc. degrees from world’s best and well-known universities and one academic member is abroad for completing his PhD, two other academic members are abroad for completing their M.Sc. degrees and the remaining 3 academic members are holding B.Sc. degrees. The female academic members participation is 29 percent. There are 715 students studying in this faculty and 25 percent of them are female. Goals of 4 departments of this faculty are given as below.

This faculty doesn’t provide classes during evening times.