Importance and History

Computer related sciences such as information technology, information systems, and programming had considerable impacts onnatural science, social sciences, medical sciences, military sciences along withdifferent fields such as economic, agriculture, security, learning and training. Information technologies complement different areas of different fields. Computer Science has virtually transformed the world into a village.

Building this faculty is an important step to improve performance, resource management and add complement to different scientific and social fields which will help us to resolve different problems within scientific and social fields in Afghanistan. Computer science faculty is committed to provide better quality of higher education to the students. Furthermore, this faculty is trying to accept and accommodate more and more students while keeping teaching quality as its top priority.

In the second half of year 2008Computer Science Department in faculty of Sciences was promoted to operate as of the independent Faculties of Kabul University. This was done according to the Ministry of Higher Education Strategic Plan in order to promote this field and answer the need for qualified computer science professionals in current era, introduce considerable improvements in the field of computer science, and to establish a good foundation for postgraduate studies in the field of computer science in the future.