Environmental Support Center for Afghanistan – Faculty of Agriculture

(The most experienced center of environmental support studies and activities in the country)


Established: 10th October 1999

This center was established to ensure proper usage of natural resources in Afghanistan such as forests, wild animals, pasture, ecosystem of lakes, natural areas, water, soil and air which are valuable from economical point of view as well as for people living standard in that environment. Also, to increase public environmental awareness, mostly school and university students, preparing the ground for studies and research about ecological problems, destruction of ozone layer, extinction of flora and fauna, educating people to support, national and international organizations to help improve the standard of living environment in



  1. Holding academic conferences to assess food shortages in Afghanistan. Of Kabul University Professors also attend these conferences.
  2. Holding academic conferences to evaluate lack of water resources in Afghanistan and to find out solutions to overcome this challenge.


  1. Publishing the academic magazine of “Environment”.
  2. Celebrating the international days of environment.
  3.  Holding exhibitions of solar powered devices invented by Afghan inventor. Mohammad Sediq.
  4. Organizing hundreds of volunteer-based activities.
  5. Establishing the union for supporters of environmental safety.
  6. Publishing lecture notes and other academic articles about environment.
  7.  Providing the opportunity for students to visit “Kole Hashmat Khan”.


Future Plans:

  1. Establishment of the department of environment protection, transforming it into a faculty and then into a university or an enterprise center for research and studies related to environment.
  2. Cooperation with related NGOs and governmental offices.
  3. Establishment of botanic garden and zoo.
  4. Training people to protect their environment, national parks, protected areas and zoo.