Biography of Agriculture Faculty Dean of Kabul University

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Prof. Dr. Wakil Ahmad Sarhadi s/o Hi Mohammad was born in Andarab district of Baghlan province in 1347.  He completed Qasan-e- Andarab elementary school and received his baccalaureate from Agriculture High School in Baghlan province.

After passing the entrance exam, and due to high interest and enthusiasm in agriculture field, he got admission to agriculture faculty of Kabul University. After the completion of four-year study and receiving BSc degree in excellent grade, he has been accepted as an assistant professor in the Department of Agronomy of Agriculture Faculty at Kabul University. In addition, he was farm research manager in the research farm of Agriculture Faculty from 1372 to 1376. He was selected as the head of agronomy department in an open selection in 1382.

For further education up to Master and PhD degrees, he went to Japan and successfully completed the mentioned programs in 1387. He returned to his home country after obtaining of Master and PhD degrees and continued the sacred profession of being a professor at Kabul University. Prof. Dr. Sarhadi has membership of Society of Plant Breeding Science, Society of Agronomists, and Crop Science Society. Prof. Dr. Sarhadi has more than 50 scientific publications in national and international languages in national and international journals. He has been appointed as the dean of Agriculture Faculty in 1392. Currently, he is the dean of the faculty and an active professor of agronomy department in Agriculture Faculty of Kabul University. Prof. Dr. Sarhadi speaks in five different languages Dari, Pashto, English, Japanese, and Arabic.