Agriculture is considered highly important for economic and social development of Afghanistan. Considering the country’s natural and climatic conditions, economic and social development of Afghanistan will remarkably depend on its agricultural activities. Even if this sector faces a minor decrease in its importance on national economy of the country, agriculture is currently highly developed and it can be considered as the sectors which can ensure enough food, a way to overcome poverty and unemployment and a possible sector to fight against drug implanting and use.

The Faculty of Agriculture in Kabul University is one of the oldest and recognized faculties in the country that was established more than 55 years ago. Students of this Faculty graduate with a good knowledge of the sector of agriculture. 

The Faculty of Agriculture was first established in combination with the Faculty of Engineering in Kabul University in 1335. Dating back, it was named as the Faculty of Agriculture and Engineering and it was under the authority of Science Faculty. In 1337, both of these faculties separated from the Faculty of Science and started their work as independent faculties. It only had 9 graduates in 1338. At the beginning, it was physically located in the building of the Faculty of Science and Medical Sciences in Kabul. In 1344, a new building with an overall area of 2800 square meters was built for specific use of the Faculty of Agriculture.

At the beginnings, the Faculty of Agriculture had three departments (botany, Animal Sciences, and economics and agricultural extension). Afterwards, it was divided into eight different departments (Agronomy, Animal Sciences, Plant Protection, Economics and Agricultural Extension, Horticulture, Forestry and Natural Resources, Bio-Technology and Soil Science and Irrigation). The major aim of this Faculty is to provide professionals in Agriculture for our country and to help meet the world standards in the field of agriculture. Interested students who graduate from high schools, either in the capital or provinces, are eligible to get admission to this Faculty after passing the matriculation exam and getting the required score for this Faculty.         

Based on contracts signed between the government of Afghanistan and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Faculty of Agriculture in Kabul University had affiliations with the Wyoming and Nebraska Universities since its establishment in1354. From 1367 to 1371, it was supported by special UN programs such as UNDP and FAO.

In the year 1371, the number of professional lecturers in the Faculty of Agriculture was more than sixty. Most of them had studied their Masters or PhDs in American and European universities, and universities located in Russia. However, unfortunately, during the decades of war in Afghanistan, the majority of them had left the country or passed away because of their age.


Main responsibility of this Faculty is to provide national academic cadres for the country in order to develop Afghanistan’s agriculture sector. This ensures an increase in production of agricultural resources to provide good economical resources and a good quality life for the people of Afghanistan.