Analytical Chemistry Department

Analytical Chemistry department is one of the Chemistry faculty departments which has been established as an independent department after the creation of Chemistry faculty in 2016. This department has two laboratories which is Qualitative analytical chemistry laboratory and Quantitative analytical chemistry laboratory, mentioned laboratories was established and activated within the administration of Chemistry department of Science faculty, which the Quantitative Analytical Chemistry laboratory was established in 1944 and Qualitative Analytical laboratory was established in 1945. Analysis of industrial compounds, minerals and constructional materials was done in this laboratories for the different governmental projects.

In this department in addition to those laboratories which are dedicated for students’ practical works, there is a research laboratory as well for the research projects of lecturers.

The significant goal of Analytical Chemistry department is train of specialists for teaching and implement of special experiments in manufacturing institutions.

Analytical Chemistry department has 4 lecturers, which three of them are Masters and one of them is Bachelor.

The subjects which are teaching by lecturers of this department are: Descriptive Analytical Chemistry, Quantitative Analytical Chemistry, Descriptive Analytical Chemistry for Geology, Quantitative Analytical Chemistry for Geology, Descriptive Analytical Chemistry for Pharmacy and Quantitative Analytical Chemistry for Pharmacy.