Tahera Nabi


Tahera Nabi 

Education: MS



Academic Degree:  Pohanwal

Place of Birth: Kabul

Date of Birth: 1967

Date of joining KU faculty:  1995

Academic responsibilities in university:

Dean of Faculty,  Member of academic council of the faculty,  Member of academic council of the university,Member of Discipline committee of the university.

Published scientific works:

- General Chemistry Lab Guide

- Studies on the properties of (N- octanoyl- alaninato) terbium(III) Complex and its interactions in organized solutions (Master thesis)

- Inorganic chemistry (III) (Coordination Compounds).

- Calculations in Chemistry.

Published Scientific Articles:

- Studies on the Solubility of various salts in different temperatures

- Role of metal ions in biological system

- Factors influencing electronegativity

- Consideration of different factors upon the ionization energy

-The dipole moment of molecules

-Studies of several types of intermolecular forces.

- Studies of symmetry elements and operations.

- Magnetic Properties of chemical substances.

- Studies of inert gas rule or 18-electron rule.

- Studies of type of hydride.

- Symmetry elements and operations in molecules with special symmetry.


1-Subject of Seminar: Metallic carbonyls

 Date of occurrence of seminar: 3/7/2015

Venue of Seminar: Faculty of Chemistry, Kabul University

2-Subject of Seminar: crystalline materials

Date of occurrence of seminar: 3/8/2015

Venue of Seminar: Faculty of Chemistry, Kabul University

Email Address: tnabi. chemistry@gmail.com

Phone#: 0700286442