Mohammad Zahir Mohabat


Mohammad Zahir Mohabat

Education: MS



Academic Degree:  Pohandoy

Place of Birth: Khost

Date of Birth: 1336

Date of joining KU faculty:  1979

Academic responsibilities in university:

Discipline committee

Published scientific works:

- Chemical Changes occur when a substance combine with another

- The effect of solvent and wootherr donar forces and ionic solvitation

- Comparison of real gases and fogacites

- In the preface the toxic industries chemical

- The solubility of pH medium of reaction by buffer solution

- Molecular orbital theory and its importance

- Formation of molecular orbital of Sigma and Pi orbital and comparison of them.

Ready to publish scientific works:

- Fundamentals of Chemistry

- General and nonorganic Chemistry


1.       Subject of Seminar:  Covalent and ionic bonds

2.       Date of occurrence of seminar: 2015

3.       Venue of Seminar: Kabul University, Science faculty

4.       Name of who present the seminar with specifications: Mohammad Zahir Mohabat

5.       Content of seminar:  relevant subjects of chemical bonds

Phone#: 0776889832