Mohamad Yusuf Joyan


Mohamad Yusuf Joyan

Education: MS



Academic Degree:  Pohand

Place of Birth: Parwan, Ghorband

Date of Birth: 1956

Date of joining KU faculty:  1363

Academic responsibilities in university:

Editor in Chief of Natural Sciences Journal (1992-1997), Member of academic council of the faculty, Member of Discipline committee, Head of Inorganic chemistry department, Member of publications committee of university

Published scientific works:

In organic Chemistry volume 2 (translation from Russian)

Ready to publish scientific works:


-Inorganic Chemistry volume 1 (translation from Russian)

-Inorganic Chemistry

Published Scientific Articles:

-Study of the effect of temperature ; Ionic raduse and Concentration of cation on the electro- conductivityof aquas solutions of same electrolytes “Scientific Journal of Kabu University1995 Vol3 No 1

-Study Of The Phase Equigibrium in the triple system of GdI3- NH4I-H2O in the interval degree of 25 ; 50 &75 “Scientific Journal of Kabu University1995 Vol3 No 1

-The effect of dielectric property of solvent of the solubility process “Scientific Journal of Kabul University1995 Vol3 No 2-3.

-Study of Wood of pine tree of the genus pinus grardiana from Nejrab locality “Scientific Journal of Kabul University 1995 Vol3 No 2-3 .

-Study of intermolecular interaction“Scientific Journal of Kabul University1390 No 3 .

-Deiation of gases from ideal behavior “Scientific Journal of Kabul University 1391 No 2 .

-Study of Nuclear unstably and factor affecting the nuclear stability “Scientific Journal of Kabul  University 1391 No 4 .


1.       Subject of Seminar: Uranium enrichment

2.       Date of occurrence of seminar: 29/1/2014

3.       Venue of Seminar: Science Faculty

4.       Name presenter and academic rank: Mohmmad Yusof Joyan, associate professor

Email Address:

Phone#: 0799332931







Email Address:

Phone#: 0799332931