Wahida Youzofzai


Wahida Youzofzai 

Education: Ph.D



Academic Degree: Pohandoy

Place of Birth: Kabul

Date of Birth: 1970/6/10

Date of joining KU faculty:  1991/2/10

Scientific articles published:

1.       Nucliphelic substitution reaction

2.       Binding of sulfatide to concanavalin A and Lens culinaris agglutinin

3.       Elctrophlic substitution reaction

4.       Effects of Substituents on Reactivity and Orientation



1- Reaction of sulfatide with legumius lectin


2- characterization of ALDH2 gene in Human Hair and nail

3- Alkaloids

4- Narcotic

2. Dates of seminar: 2011/6/10, 2011/6/20, 2014/7/8,2014/712

3. Seminar Venue: Faculty of Science, Chemistry Department

Email  : yuosfzaiw@yahoo.com

Phone  :0705550305