Current Situation

There are 23 faculty members at the faculty of chemistry giving lectures and performing academic duties. Out the this total, 3 have Ph.Ds, 11 have master’s degrees and 5 hold bachelor’s degrees and four of them are currently studying abroad, with 3 pursuing Ph.Ds and 1 is doing a master’s degree. The academic ranks of the faculty members based on Afghanistan’s law of higher education are as follows:

Professor: a total of 3, with 2 male and 1 female.
Associate professor: a total of 3, with 2 female and one male.
Assistant professors: a total of 3, with 2 male and 1 female.

Teaching assistant: a total of 3, with 3 male and 1 female.

Instructor: a total of 5 with 3 male 2 female.
Also there are five Lab technicians performing their duties in laboratories.
TheChemistry Faculty has 475 students,out which 229 are female and 246 are male students.
The faculty has 6 laboratories for students,4 researchlaboratories for teachers, library,computer lab,server room,prayer room,6 classrooms, and some storage rooms for chemical materials.
The chemistry faculty does not offer evening courses for the students and students are selected through the Kankor entrance exam administered by the Ministry of Higher education.
The faculty used to have affiliations with Germany and India, but they were cancelled in 2012.