Welcome to Kabul University Website


Kabul University is the oldest and largest institution of tertiary education in Afghanistan. Throughout its long history since 1930 not only it has provided training to a large number of Afghans but had enjoyed popularity in the region by attracting many students from our neighboring countries.Kabul University (KU) had a rich culture, history, academic excellence and devastated by decades of wars and instabilities in Afghanistan.


Our vision is to transform Kabul University into and internationally recognized institution of learning and research, a community of stakeholders committed to shared governance, and a center of innovative thought and practice.


Our mission is to train disciplined male and female capable of tailoring global knowledge to Afghanistan’s economic, cultural and historical context, contributing to the creation of new knowledge and committed to the Islamic democratic values embodied in Afghanistan’s constitution.

Kabul University’s aim is to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To develop generations of qualified Afghans, aware of their nation’s Islamic and cultural heritage.
  • To preserve the Identity of Afghan society and safeguard its moral and social values.
  • To establish, promote and maintain excellence in undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • To establish, develop and execute teaching, research and scholarship.
  • To play an effective role in the development of scientific, social and economic aspects of Afghan society as part of global citizenship.
  • To establish and maintain close links with national and international Universities and institutions in academic and research fields.

We have identified a number of constraints that prevent us from realization of our vision. Some of the serious problems facing Kabul University includes lack of enough required infra structure such as classrooms, labs, libraries and lack of qualified teaching staff which has been the result of many years of war and destruction. To realize our vision, we must change the organization of the University in critical areas such as the review of the number of schools and departments, reorganize the central administrations, prepare a long-term academic strategy and let it drive the physical planning of the University, orient the University around the goal of creation of a learning environment for students. Thus,I invite all our national and international friends, and Afghan expatriates for their contribution to achieve the above objectives.