Afghan Transportation Engineering Center (ATEC)

The ATEC as part of the Engineering Partnership Research and Service Organization (EPRSO) at KU was approved by the Afghan Minister of Higher Education and the Chancellor of Kabul University on May 20th, 2008, to be established. Two American partners of KU, Ohio

University (OU) and Kansas State University (KSU) were also instrumental in the process of establishment of the center.

As the first-ever established transportation research and service center in the nation, ATEC is aimed to serve as a focus for transportation engineering research and technology transfer to improve the Afghanistan’s infrastructures. It gives KU and participating faculty from other universities a clear role in helping the country’s development, provide unique hands-on learning experiences for students. In addition the center empowers Afghanistan’s Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation (MoTCA), Ministry of Public Works (MoPW), Ministry of Urban Development Affairs (MUDA), and Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) and other stakeholders of the sector by  providing access to expertise and technology not readily available within their domain. The center will also provide technical support and consulting services to government agencies and the private sector.

The effort of the ATEC are concentrated on providing expertise in conducting feasibility studies, forensic studies, planning and design of transportation infrastructures, performing QC/QA activities, improving traffic operations and safety, testing construction materials, installation of pavement and traffic sensors, and training people and workforce development within the sector. Afghan engineering faculty members and engineers are also mentored to efficiently administer the center’s operations in a professional manner.

The ATEC is jointly operated by KU with its American partner institution, OU. However, KSU may also be involved in certain aspects when needed. KSU was also instrumental in establishment of the EPRSO and its centers through a Strengthening Higher Education

Program (SHEP) Engineering Partnership they had with KU between 2007 and 2010 supported by the World Bank. The OU’s role in providing technical support to ATEC is reflected through a formal affiliation between Ohio Research Institute for Transportation and the Environment (ORITE) and ATEC.