The Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kabul met with the Chancellor of Kabul University

Dr. Bahador Aminain, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kabul and Mr. Shahriyar Amoozgar and Mr. Mehdi Karimi, Counselors of the Embassy on Monday, 7th of September, 2020 with Dr Dr. Mohammad Osman Babury, the Chancellor of Kabul University, while Mr. Shafi Sharifi, Vice Chancellor for Academic affairs and Faisal Amin Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs of KU were also present, they have met and exchanged views on issues of mutual interest.

Dr. Bahador Aminian, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran, while expressing his satisfaction of the meeting, which was held at Kabul University, he called the academic; scientific and cultural interactions between Iran and Afghanistan one of the best areas of interaction between the two countries. There are many job opportunities in this field and it is necessary for academic institutions on both sides to have many joint scientific and cultural programs as well as wider scientific and research collaborations. He emphasized the development of these relations and their readiness to award scholarships to professors and students of Kabul University. Mr. Aminian continued his speech by talking about the process of the construction project of the Department of Dari Language and Literature of Kabul University, which is being built by the Iranian Institute, and reminded of some legal problems in the contract of this project; therefore, he asked from the KU chancellor office to consider a solution to this problem for starting the work of this department again.

Then, Prof. Dr. Mohammad Osman Babury, the Chancellor of Kabul University, welcomed the delegation and called Iran an important neighbor and friend of Afghanistan; that have deep relations with each other in a variety areas such as; academic; cultural; economics; political; social and other areas that a lot of work has been done in these areas, but he did not consider it enough and emphasized the development of these relations and joint value programs between the academic institutions of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Kabul University. Dr. Babury thanked the Iranian side for their interest in developing these relations and awarding scholarships by Iranian universities to students and professors of Kabul University. He suggested these cooperation needs to be focused on especial areas like Information Technology; Islamic architecture and the establishment of an animal husbandry faculty at Kabul University should be seriously pursued. The Chancellor of Kabul University also spoke about the details of the problem and as a result, after much discussion and exchange of views, with the agreement of the parties, a delegation consisting of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs of Kabul University, the Cultural Adviser of the Iranian Embassy and a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was appointed to investigate; review the above-mentioned project, review legal problems, and find a solution for that in order to start the construction of this department again.

In the continuation of this meeting, the two sides emphasized for continuing and implementing programs such as: creating and expanding of academic and scientific relations between Kabul University and Iranian universities, sending professors and students of Kabul University to continue their education in Iranian universities, how to send and receive valid university books from Iran to the Kabul University; joint scientific and cultural research, as well as the organization and launch of book fairs and other exhibitions and scientific and research programs at this university.

Afghanistan and Iran are two neighboring countries with different cultural, social, economic, social and religious commonalities in various fields. Scientific relations are one of the most important in recent years and Kabul University as a major academic and scientific institution in providing such opportunities has an important and valuable role.