The Konkor Exams for Kabul Province Started at Kabul University

The first and second rounds of entrance exams (Konkor) in Kabul province were held at the opening ceremony of the National Examinations Office in the central library hall of Kabul University at 7:00 AM on Thursday, Sep 03, 2020 with the presence of Seyed Farhad Shahidzadeh, Deputy Minister of Students  Affairs and Mr. Noor Ahmad Deputy Minister of Finance and Administration of the Ministry of Higher Education, The Excellency Professor Dr. M. Osman Babury the Chancellor of Kabul University; Professor Abdul Qadir Khamoush head of the National Examinations Office, Vice Chancellors of Kabul University, a number of other scientific; academic members and national figures and about 24,860 candidates in the first and second rounds.

The head of the National Examinations Office, Prof. Abdul Qadir Khamoush, at the opening ceremony of this exam said that about 290,000 eligible candidates from all over the country have registered for the entrance exams this year, of which more than 146,000 find their way in higher education universities. And about 150,000 other candidates will be introduced to the country's private universities if they receive sufficient grades to continue their higher education. According to Mr. Khamoush, among the top 146,000 candidates who pass the exam today, 20,000 are graduates of religious schools, 10,000 for night shift courses at Kabul University, 50,000 for semi-advanced institutes, and 5,000 graduates from 14 institutes in relevant fields of Kabul universities and the rest will be accepted in the higher fields of universities and higher education institutions of the country.

About 49,704 candidates took part in the first to fourth rounds of the Kabul entrance exams (Konkor Exam) on Sep 03 and 04), of which 27,453 were boys and 22,251 were girls.

The National Examinations Administration, which was scheduled to hold the third and fourth rounds of exams on Friday, September 5th , 2020 at two different times, before noon and in the afternoon was planned which has announced that those candidates who for any reason had failed to pass the provincial entrance exams by visit of the website of the National Examinations Authority (NExA) by filling out the miscellaneous exam form and then by getting a card and biometrics according to the instructions passed their exams. The general miscellaneous exams scheduled for next Friday 11th of September 2020 will be held by this office in Kabul University.