Alumni Certificate Distribution Ceremony of Capacity Building Program of Afghanistan Institute for Economic Development Studies was held at Kabul University

Certificates Distribution Ceremony of Capacity Building Programs, which was organized by the Institute for Economic Development Studies of Afghanistan (AEESO) with the participation of about 400 students of Kabul University for the winter months of the academic year 1398 was held on Wednesday, Aug 26th; 2020. In this ceremony Massoud Peroozi Finance and Administrative affairs vice chancellor of Kabul University, Mr. Mushtaq Faramarz head of the Institute for Economic Development Studies of Afghanistan with a number of the participants were attended in this program and certificates were awarded to the participants.

Mr. Masoud Peroozi, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administrative affairs of Kabul University, addressed the participants and said: "For students in addition to university courses, such as capacity building programs are a serious and fundamental necessity that has a great role and impact in improving students' capacity to meet their needs". He further stated that as participants of these programs, you have created not only a graduation certificates but also more opportunities and better options that will help you in the next stages of your education and work.

Mr. Mushtaq Faramarz, the head of this institution, also spoke at the conference and said: "As a person, who was a student in a time, I am aware of the important needs and requirements of this group and we have launched the AEESO institute programs carefully with the cooperation of the institute's colleagues; which I hope to be useful and effective.

These capacity building programs included: QuickBooks, SPSS, Public Speaking, Microsoft Office, GIS and Auto Cad; which were held for 1 month in the winter of 2019, but due to the outbreak of the coronavirus and the announcement of the general quarantine, its certificates weren’t distributed. And now with the resumption of participatory classes and the re-attendance of students, the event was organized and the certificates of the participants are awarded to them.