Kabul University Leadership Council Meeting to Review Preparations for Possible Beginning of Intensive Classes

Kabul University Leadership Council meeting on July 22nd 2020; by the presence of The Excellency the Chancellor of Kabul University and Vice-Chancellors of the Kabul University, deans of faculties, a number of professors and heads of relevant departments and the head of the Students' Union of The KU to review the preparations of the Possible Beginning of Intensive Attendance Classes.

 In this meeting, which started at 9:30 AM, The Excellency Professor Dr. M. Osman Babury the Chancellor of Kabul University, had a brief overview of the teaching situation of Kabul University and the requirements of the University for the Possible Start of intensive courses and emphasized on further preparations. Then, the plan of preparations for the possible beginning of the intensified courses of the spring semester of 1399, which was comprehensively discussed by Faisal Amin, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, with the esteemed members of the Leadership Council, and the members of the meeting shared their ideas for better health efforts, repairs of classrooms and dormitories, division of time and classrooms, and other related issues were presented in the meeting, which was approved by the members of the meeting after the detailed discussions of this plan. According to this plan, the heads of the faculties were instructed to inform the university leadership about its implementation so that when the intensive courses are started, the university would not face any problems and the students would be able to make the best use of this opportunity.

Based on the latest decisions of the Emergency Committee against Coronavirus under the chairmanship of the Second Vice President of Afghanistan, it has been decided that universities would not be started until 6th of August; 2020 and after this date, if there is no serious obstacle and under the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan the intensive classes of Universities would be started.