The Kabul University Leadership Council Meeting

The Kabul University Leadership Academic Council meeting was held on 28th of June 2020; in the meeting various issues related to scientific and academic affairs of this University was discussed. This meeting was held in the meeting hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Kabul University with the presence of its members.

The meeting, which began at 9 a.m. was leaded by The Excellency Professor Dr. M. Osman Babury the Chancellor of Kabul University, and a number of other council members; on the agenda of the meeting, they focused on issues such as: "reviewing the objectives of departments, universities and in general Kabul University issues based on the demands of the country's social and economic development" ; "the implementation of the professors' academic affairs documents in relation to the relevant issues of this directorate" ; " academic and scientific conferences; international language exams and specialized applicants during quarantine and due to the outbreak of the virus"; 18 dossiers of academic and scientific promotions of Kabul University professors and some provincial universities, 1 dossier of academic and  scientific rank, 5 dossiers of Kabul University professors and a number of other miscellaneous issues were discussed in accordance with the laws and statement of this university. The university made the necessary decisions and instructed to the relevant departments and officials of the promotion, reporting and stabilization departments to implement the above decision.

The meeting, ended with detailed on the above issues at 2:00 PM and prayers for the prosperity of the country.