The Kabul University Leadership Council Meeting for Strengthen and Reinforcement of the Process of Non-Participatory Teaching and Distance Education


The meeting of the Kabul University Leadership Council was held on June 24; 2020 with the presence of the Chancellor; Vice-Chancellors; Deans of Faculties; a number of Professors and Staff of the relevant administrative departments of the university to review and strengthen the process of non participatory teaching-learning and distance educational system.

The meeting began at 9 A.M. with the recitation of verses of Holy Quran Kareem, first The Excellency Professor Dr. M. Osman Babury the Chancellor of Kabul University, talked about the uncertainty of the end of the Corona Crisis, the teaching-learning situation at Kabul University over the past three months. Dr. Babury also spoke about the improvement of the new plan of MoHE   and discussed with the members of the meeting about the importance and necessity of this process. The members of the council each presented a report on their implementation and experience in this meeting and finally decided to consider the presented issues; that the use of a mixing system (any virtual or HELMS virtual method with an intensive and supplementary face-to-face classes) under a serious and continuous supervision of departments, faculty committees and the central monitoring committee and the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for better improvement of this system; that the students be able to have access to the most of their offered courses.

During this meeting, "restarting the process of the academic promotion and advancement of faculty members" and "preparing and unifying the results table of graduates of 1395-1398" by the faculties and sending it to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs of the University were also discussed. In these two cases, the process will be resumed during the academic promotions of the faculty members under supervision and with regard quality and the results table of graduates of 1395-1398 prepared by faculties and submitting them to the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs; therefore, the Kabul University will witness more transparency in the field of organizing and preparing the educational documents of its students.

The meeting, which was held at 9:00 AM, ended with detailed on the above issues at 1:00 PM with prayers for the prosperity of the country.