The Chancellor and Vice Chancellors for Academic Affairs and Students Affairs of Kabul University met with the Dean and Head of the Departments of the Faculty of Fine Arts

The Excellency Professor Dr. M. Osman Babury the Chancellor of Kabul University, Professor Shafi Sharifi, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Professor Faisal Amin Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs, and a number of colleagues of them from their office met with the Dean and Heads of Departments of the Faculty of Fine Arts on June 22; 2020. They visited and exchanged views on the current and future educational and administrative programs of this faculty and its needs for reform, development and strength.

After hearing the words of the officials of the departments of this university, Dr. Babury first expressed his pleasure with getting acquainted with these officials and said that the Faculty of Fine Arts is one of the prominent faculty of the university, the center for presenting and displaying students' skills and in attracting people's attention in its studies, artistic programs, exhibitions and scientific-artistic functions can be seen. Dr. Babury called the tireless cooperation of these officials and their joint cooperation and the leadership of the university to facilitate the development of this faculty and other faculties a major priority of the new leadership and after reviewing the achievements, functions and annual plans and technical needs. Referring to the strengthening and equipping of laboratories, the creation of measured and accurate programs to attract and train students, it emphasized the completion and implementation of these programs.

Professor Shafi Sharifi the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Faisal Amin the Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs of the Kabul University, also delivered their speeches at the meeting. The Vice Chancellor for Students Affairs emphasized on creation of a Database center for students.

The meeting, which was held at 11:00 AM, ended with a prayer of prosperity of the country after detailed discussions on the above issues at 1:00 PM.